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Hey, I'm Alex!

I solve problems.

I'm an experienced staff-level engineer from Cologne, Germany. When I'm not pretending to be a responsible parent, I talk a lot about the human side of tech, domain-driven design, functional programming, and tabletop RPGs.

How Docker Forced Me To Learn More About Linux

This post was originally published on the BetterDoc Dev-Blog.

This post tells the story of some missing data and how it turned out to be related to how we built our Docker images at work.

To give you the proper context it will talk about:

  • the problem
  • the root cause
  • how we fixed it
  • what we learned from this

Grab a coffee and make yourself comfortable, we’re going iiiiiiiiin!

How I split Plug.SSL to control SSL redirection

This post was originally published on the BetterDoc Dev-Blog.

Recently I set out to configure a service at work to run behind a reverse proxy with TLS termination.

With Phoenix being the great framework it is, I assumed this would be a breeze. But it turned out that reality had different plans for me.

In this post I’ll tell you a story on all the different bits of documentation I rummaged through, the things I learned from reading the source code of Plug.SSL, the solution I arrived at, and the proposal I submitted to plug.

How I deal with behaviours and boilerplate

This post was originally published on the BetterDoc Dev-Blog.

For a while now I’ve been a big fan of using the Elixir library mox for creating test mocks. When using mox you define behaviours as basis for your mocks. You can think of behaviours as interfaces in object oriented languages such as Java: a set of function signatures that a module has to implement.

While this approach is great - check out this blog post on the why - it tends to require a bit of boilerplate code. In this post we are going to explore how I use behaviours for mocking, the reasoning behind it, and how I reduce the necessary boilerplate to an absolute minimum by using metaprogramming.

You Know Nothing ... or do you?

Self-doubt. A feeling most of us are probably familiar with. In this talk I take you on a journey through my own struggles, doubt and fears and how I managed to tame them.

Being Humane in Tech

In the Tech Industry we value efficiency and productivity. We try to keep our communication concise in an effort to be efficient. But are concise and efficient equivalent when it comes to communication? Or are we forgetting an important variable: humanity?

Enter an alternative: Compassion.